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DSI-01 Serial Interface for Davis VP, VP2, Vue and Envoy availability

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OK, sorry I misunderstood. You were actually wondering whether the non-'Direct PC' firmware version might install (but presumably only to a console with recent enough firmware to support the Direct PC update)?

How would this work? You'd surely need some analogue of the 'Direct PC' packaging to feed the F/W to the console wouldn't you?  But maybe I don't understand well enough how the F/W update process runs?

Yes, i want to update a console with recent firmware (1.90) without the direct-pc firmware, because i can only translate the forecast (english -> french) in the FLASH.BIN file (direct modification inside the VP2_1_90.exe don't work)...

I just want to give a shout out that this DSI-01 Serial Interface is great.  Works, easy, and saved me a ton of money.

I really wanted the Davis Vue for Christmas, but buying the data logger just put it over my husband's budget.  I got this from SLOweather and it worked like a charm.  Got the system up and running yesterday.  Used an old laptop running XP and had a serial port.  I can't say how pleased I am.  Thanks SLOweather.


For those of you without a serial port, unless I'm mistaken, you should be able to incorporate an inexpensive serial to USB adapter for under $10(US)that will more than likely allow this solution to work very nicely with a 32 bit virtual serial port driver such as N8VB vCOM. For 32 or (64 bit unsigned) you could try com0com.

Ditto what Ginny and Jack10562 (and others) have said about the DS-01 itself, and it working with serial/USB converters. 

My DS-01 worked perfectly right out of the box, and also thru a generic serial/USB converter.  Sorry, but I can't find any info/name anywhere on the converter, and it just shows up as a 'Prolific" device in Device Manager.  IIRC, the Prolific chip series seemed to be better than some other configurations, but don't quote me on that.

Kudos Chris!


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