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DSI-01 Serial Interface for Davis VP, VP2, Vue and Envoy availability

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Thanks for all the kind words!. Yes, indeedy, the interface works with Serial/USB adapters. In fact, I do all my testing of built boards and cables with an ATEN serial/USB adapter.

I'm sending a DSI-01 off to Austria right now....


My DSI-01 works great through an Edgeport Serial/USB converter. It's nice to have the option of a reasonably priced interface to connect my weather station to the computer. Thanks Chris!

So this should bridge the connection if I already have a Davis Vantage Pro, serial to usb dongle, and Virtual Weather Station software?  No additional software or hardware needed?

Drivers for the dongle might be the only thing you need, and you may have to assign a different port to the USB-to-Serial Com Port properties in Windows Device Manager.

i am trying to contact SLOWeather for availability on these serial adapters, and cannot find him throughout pm's. as he says on first post, we can contact him also by mail, but i cannot see the mail address on his profile. can anyone inform me of that on PM?

ty alot



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