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VWS Weather Station Selection Tip
« on: February 13, 2007, 01:04:52 PM »
Is your weather station not listed on the VWS Station Selection menu but you think it should be or, others say they can see it listed but you can't? Well, it may be due an apparent glitch in VWS when you go through one or more version updates of the software... A very important post was made to the Ambient Weather forum this morning that may have uncovered this problem and given a solution to it. I've been running VWS since December of 2005 and have gone through many version updates. While I haven't changed my station type (a Davis VP2 - 6152), I have followed the posts regarding many folks not seeing the same list of stations (myself included) but could never figure out why, until now. If you have the same problem, see the text below...

NOTE: Before you make any changes, backup the VWS folders and sub-folders, just in case. ALSO, make note of the Communication Port, Baudrate, and Communication Rate (sec) as they will be reset to their defaults when you restart VWS.

The fix? Simply go to the vws\setup folder and delete (or rename) the file config5.bin (don't worry, VWS will recreate it when it restarts). Then, restart VWS and you will get a prompt to select your Weather Station from the list provided.

Be certain to check that your comm and baudrate settings match those you noted above.

Here's a screen shot of the stations I now see. Many of them were not in my original list.

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