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Multiple data loggers for a field
« on: November 17, 2021, 03:05:19 AM »
Hello all,
I am looking for a fairly basic and somewhat temporary solution.

I have a field that I am considering planting but I first want to determine what is the temperature and humidity gradient across this sloping field. I do not need to view this dada in real time every day. I pretty much just want to set the loggers to record and then come back some months later and download the data. Once the decision is made to plant the field I would look to install a more professional setup but for the time being I only need this basic data, so would like to keep the setup fairly cheap.

I have some experience using small usb data probes to log temperature and humidity in cold storage and refrigerators. I had thought of buying some of these loggers along with some solar/uv shields and mounting them on posts above the ground. Would a simple solution like this work in the middle of a field in direct sunlight?

Thank you in advance