Author Topic: What do you mean weather is not interesting?  (Read 170 times)

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What do you mean weather is not interesting?
« on: November 02, 2021, 11:23:37 AM »
Does your friend, associate, spouse, lover, son, or daughter; not understand what you see in the weather?
How about offering them a chance to see what you see, but in a way that seem more like fun and less like learning?
Limited special free offer at the end!
Gift them the 14-day challenge.
•   3-10 min a day to learn.
•   2-5 min to view the day.
•   0-5 min a day to answer 0-4 questions.
•   Less than 20 min a day over 14 days.
•   They will improve their observational skills and increase their knowledge of weather and weather systems. They just might become forecasters!
•   “Caution! Not responsible for them getting better than you!”

To get on them list write to:
Subject: they need to know

Give the details of name, email, your name and a one-line message of your consideration for them.
We will mail them an invitation to the course with your one line.

If they are interested, we will inform you!
You could offer to split the cost in the initial message.

50$ for a 14-day course. Less than a medium latte’ a day!

*** exclusive offer for a limited time ***
Would they like to be a tester and get it for free?
We are evaluating the course during the two weeks of Nov. 7-20 and are still looking for testers.  Offer closes Nov. 5
Ask them to sign up at
Subject: Can I join too!
Have them enter their name and email.
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