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Re: The straw that broke my back...
« Reply #25 on: September 11, 2021, 11:05:53 AM »
Long time acurite user here. 5-in-1 for years and now have 3 Atlas/Access locations running flawlessly. I have found that the Access location is critical to the reliable operation. Antenna placement and signal propagation is a black art  ;).

To those that experience loss of signal, try moving the Access unit a few feet in several directions and leaving it to see if it becomes stable.

What I like about the access system is the multiple sensors that can be paired. On one of my units I have the Atlas outside on a pole 250 yards for the Atlantic Ocean, a very old 5-in-1 in an unconditioned storage room, and 3 temp/humidity sensors all reporting to an Access easily viewable on myAcurite. Will any other systems support this array of sensors for $200?

I do not use lighting strike sensors - IMO they are useless. There are internet based mapping sites that will accurately locate light strikes within feet.

I do not have any displays connected to any of my Atlas locations. I only rely on myAcurite and Wunderground to read the conditions. Maybe this is why I can report high reliability.

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Re: The straw that broke my back...
« Reply #26 on: September 11, 2021, 04:35:16 PM »
"To those that experience loss of signal, try moving the Access unit a few feet in several directions and leaving it to see if it becomes stable."   Excellent comment Beech33.

I also experienced frequent dropouts that seemed very random. Could not figure out any reason for the dropouts.  I have direct line of sight from Atlas to Access of about 125'.   I am a Access only user (no displays).  I had the access in my office because it was convenient to attach to the WiFi/Eth router.  But, the office room has WiFi router, printers, computers and other electronics, a very RF noisy environment.   Frustration got so high I decided to experiment and move the Access to a different room.  I placed the Access in the next room, still had line of sight to Atlas.  Would you believe, no more drop outs!  All this time thinking Atlas was not that good and now suddenly its rock stable connection.  My bad for not trying this earlier. Acurite is very clear in saying to keep it away from other electronics.

If you have not given this try you are unfairly blaming Acurite for something you need to give a try.

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Re: The straw that broke my back...
« Reply #27 on: October 01, 2021, 08:51:55 PM »
From what is supplied information wise, Acurite uses the 433 mHz frequency for their setup. I checked on how each frequency is different, and I think I see where the potential problem may be. The 433MHz is a commonly used frequency band for all types of equipment that require little power, such as garage door openers, headphones, baby phones and remote controls. Also many inexpensive transmitters and receivers for switching devices and light dimmers operate on the 433MHz band. Due to the absence of bidirectional communication and encryption, protocols are often of a simple nature. Because many different types of devices are permitted to use this frequency, it is more susceptible to interference. The development of the IoT probably is a contributor also (Internet of Things).

Also, AcuRite released a blog on their website 9/2/21 talking about their RF AcuRite products and limiting interference.

I concur with moving the Access and/or display to another area of the structure it is in to see if there is a reduction of the possible interference that is happening. I believe in some review I read that AcuRite's instructions mention keeping the inside equipment away from other electronics.

I have seen in the AcuRite reviews of their previous products that folks seem to be good with what they got, and they had little to no problems with them, but it's seems the most latest releases seem to be less that great. Some of the issues are possible quality-control issues with whomever the weather companies contract with to produce their products (substandard chips / bad solder / bad design / bad QC / little or no instructions for the recipient of the station from the company). All the weather station brands will get some bad eggs in the carton.

My two-cents... now two dollars and twenty-two cents due to inflation. If I'm wrong, please let me know - I'm open to correction. If I wasn't allowed to put the webpage links of my info in also, please advise. Thanks!
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Re: The straw that broke my back...
« Reply #28 on: October 02, 2021, 10:08:12 AM »
Interference can be a problem with AcuRite’s stuff and a lot of good points were made in the above post about the 433MHz frequency and things to be aware of.

A lot of people’s display problems occur after a power outage. The display will stop working all together, be frozen or unable to make an internet connect. It seems to me that the power outage scabbles the display’s firmware or messes up the firmware’s ROM chip making the display useless. Since there’s not a way for users to update the firmware, the displays are toast.

I’ve had displays freeze up and I’ve had a Wi-Fi display unable to connect to the internet or bring up the setup page after a power outage. In each occurrence AcuRite has replaced the display when under warranty and never once ask for the defective display to be returned. They know their displays have some kind of a problem after power outages even those with battery backup.

So, beware of possible connection issues after a power outage.

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