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Weather Forecast Station
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:22:22 PM »
Couldn't find anywhere else suitable to post this, so hopefully someone will pick it up.
A couple of days ago I was given a Vantage Vue by a friend who is moving into an apartment and doesn't think it would record accurately enough on her balcony. So it was either leave it in situ, where it probably wouldn't be used, try and sell it (may at a later date) or give it to me.
It was originally bought by her partner about 5 years ago and sadly he passed away a couple of years ago and it kept on working and updating to WU reliably since.
After a couple of days my friend has realised just how much she looked at it, either to see if it was windy or the console to check on temperatures.
What I would like to find is an accurate "Weather Forecasting Station", with a few extra sensors to have front and back balconies and one inside, plus a good console to view. Maybe something like this
Availability has to be EU now.
I know it's not a full weather station but has to be something reasonably accurate.