Author Topic: Free LaCrosse WS-2812U-IT console, temp/humid sensor, rain sensor.  (Read 238 times)

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Have a working LaCrosse WS-2812U-IT console, working outdoor temp/humidity sensor and rain sensor. NO anemometer unit (I can include the non-working TX63U-IT with broken wind cups if desired). Pay actual shipping (should be less than $10) from 79912 and it is yours. Removed the C-cell batteries to reduce shipping weight.

I'll leave this up until April 10 then it goes away.

Previous posting below:

Looking for a LaCrosse TX63U-it anemometer sensor. Prefer working but will evaluate a non-working unit. Willing to pay reasonable cost and shipping.

I have a working WS-2812U-IT console, working temp/humidity sensor hub, and working rain sensor but the anemometer died last year. The console will not sync with the USB receiver (have 2 of those) but that has never worked reliably.

If I can't find a TX63U-IT then I'll offer the console and sensors to someone who could use those parts.

PM me if interested.

Thanks in advance.
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