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Digitech XC0436 hardware question


Hi all,

I have just purchased a Digitech XC0436 weather station and it came with a sensor which has the following on it...

"917Mhz Hygro-Thermo Sensor High Precision"

The manual does not mention it.  Does anyone have one and can tell me if it goes inside or outside and what it does?  I cannot see anywhere on the LCD screen where it would read out.

Also, does anyone also know where to download the latest firmware for it?  I cannot find it anywhere.

Thank you very much.


I'm afraid you're in the wrong forum area. The requested weather station is not from Ecowitt but from CCL.

Regards, Oliver

UPDATE: Thread moved by mod

Thank you Oliver.  I shall move it over.

If you remove the battery, I'm sure that you will realize that your indoor temp/humidity and barometric pressure would stop working on the main display. Another clue is that if you look at the outside sensor array unit you'll notice that it has a corrugated section which is a radiation shield. This indicates that it has a temperature and humidity sensor, which is well for outdoor because that is where that unit goes obviously to measure wind, and rain. Therefore the small sensor unit has no need to be outside for any other purposes. Barometric pressure is most always an indoor located sensor because there is no need to expose it to outdoor weather as the pressure indoors is the same as indoors so that is yet a 3rd clue. The reason it isn't incorporated into the main display is to mitigate poor indoor temperature and humidity sensor performance due to LCD display electronics generated heat.


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