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LaCrosse S84060 base not receiving signal


I run energizer ultimate lithium batteries in the remote thermo-hygro sensor and the remote multi-sensor.  Batteries lasted a couple of years and I started getting dashes on the console.  Figured the batteries had run their course, so went and bought fresh ones......ran ok for a day, then all dashes again.  If I bring the thermo-hygro sensor inside and put it within 6 feet of the base unit, it works fine, but when I bring it back outside and mount it in it's shelter where it has been the past two years, it fails again...not right away, but within a day or so.

I am a ham radio guy, so to me this seems like it could be solved by improving either the transmitter or receiver antennas. Or perhaps my transmitter is no longer putting out the wattage it once was when it was newer?

Also, even when mounted outside, the Thermo-hygro sensor is only about 20 feet away, so I don't think I am out of range in any way. It just just seem to want to get through the wall/window like it once did.

Anyone experience this issue and been able to come up with a solution?  Anyone made any transmitter or antenna modification's?

Nevermind,  Took the unit apart and found a cold solder joint at the antenna.  Replaced antenna with a much improved version.  All is well, full five bar signal strength for all sensors now.


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