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How To Connect La Crosse Weather Station To Weather Underground

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We have a new La Crosse weather station that connects to our WiFi and phone app.  I registered the station on Weather Underground and it advised me to add the ID and password to my software.  The instructions from La Crosse told me the software is a phone app called Weather Connect.  Weather Connect will not recognize my router and therefore I can't complete the connection.  Are there any alternative softwares I can use to accomplish this goal?  TIA.

Hsve a look here -

Yes, you can use Meteobridge if your station is any one of these models.

La Crosse/ELV: WS-2300
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC-2
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-444
La Crosse/ELV: WS-500
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-Technoline
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-2-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-777
La Crosse/ELV: WS-888

But probably not, because I believe these I listed are all USB cable models and you have a WiFi model. You didn't tell us what you have.

Thanks.  My model is a La Crosse Technology V40A-PRO

I believe you need to get the unit online and reporting to WU. There is no other software to use until that is operational. Once that is operational you can look at the possibility of using WeeWX via intercepting WU packets. Don't waste you time looking at WeeWX now. You have to get the station working with the manufacture's software first.


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