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WiFi Connection Issues


Joe Pau:
Currently have a LaCrosse model v40 pro-int weather station. I’ve been through 3 displays, 3 routers and still I intermittently get the message “Lost WiFi” then immediately shows “All Ok” This happens every day for 5 to 10 minutes a day throughout various times of the day, in other words no consistent time of day. I’ve disabled the 5ghz band so it wouldn’t try to use it. Any ideas?

Perhaps this will help:

Joe Pau:
Thanks for that. I did find this section which describes my issue..."f your WiFi indicator is still flashing after you have successfully connected to your app, it is
likely that you “opted out” of using NWS Weather and Internet time services. Your Wi-Fi
indicator will continue to flash for up to one hour.
If you opted out in error, go to Main Menu Add/Edit Devices to “opt in”:
1. Open your app and select DEVICES from the Navigation bar.
2. On the devices screen, tap your weather station's info icon.
3. Uncheck the OPT OUT box an input a time zone and zip code.
Note: if you are not in the USA, select a USA zip code closest to your location.
4. Press SAVE.
5. Wait a few minutes for your station to receive Internet Time and NWS weather.
6. Your Wi-Fi indicator should be solid."

Funny thing is, my "Opt out" is unchecked! So I checked it to see what happens. I'll report back in a couple of days.

Sounds like a bug to me!

Joe Pau:
Ok, that didn't work. I readded my device to the Lacrosse app. I will report back.


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