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LaCrosse C80758 (-au) rain not resetting daily


We picked up one of these C80758-AU about 6 weeks ago, and while it was relatively easy to set up, we're having some issues.
We only found out by accident we dont get the forecast (left side of screen) because we're not in the US... a little bit of an oversight by LaCrosse imho, considering its an AU model.

However, the rain wont reset. Right middle column has a cumulative total since we switched it on. Pressing the daily/weekly buttons does nothing to that total, and I cant seem to find any settings in the app to make it reset daily. At least we've finally had some rain I suppose, over 200mm in the last 4 weeks.

Anyone got any advice on how to reset this and have it do it daily?

Also, the rain doesnt seem to update properly on the app. According to the app we've had 4.5mm in the last 24 hours, whereas we definitely have had over 100mm (big night).



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