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LTV-WSDTH01 sensor stopped reporting info


I have the LTV-WSDTH01 mounted on the roof. (solar powered wind/humidity/temp)
It was working fine but then stopped reporting to my C79790.

It is solar powered and has a small coin style rechargeable battery in it for getting through the night I presume.

Lately it has been about 2 weeks of fog and overcast. I figured the battery just wasn't getting the proper charge. But in the past two days we've had temps in the upper 30's and low 40's and it has been very sunny.
Yet the station has not come back online.

Any suggestions?
I thought maybe the rechargeable batt in it went bad? I was going to order another one but just not sure if there is an easier fix.
Anyone else had this issue?
Can anyone advise me on this?
I'd like this station to start reporting to my C79790 again.

I called La Crosse and they don't answer and I sent them a form email from their website, still no reply.

Thanks for any info,



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