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Support Wiki URL via Wayback Machine
« on: December 12, 2019, 10:01:16 AM »
I still have a use for VWS and needed help moving to a new computer using a different drive letter. This information might be somewhere on the forum but I couldn't find it. I finally went to the Wayback Machine site and found the contents and posting my results here.


 Move Virtual Weather Station to one computer to another
I would like to move Virtual Weather Station from one computer to another (or one drive or directory to another) without losing my settings.
Copy the entire \vws directory from one computer (or drive) to another. To simplify the installation, copy all of the contents to the same pathname (for example, if VWS is installed on c:\vws on one computer, copy the directory to c:\vws on the other computer).
Install Virtual Weather Station from your CD or download center and install into the same directory as created on the new computer.
If you install Virtual Weather Station into a different directory, there are several additional steps.
Select Settings | Multiple Station Settings and select Recall Existing Station. Browse to the new directory location on the new computer. For example, if you install it into the c:\vws drive, browse to the c:\vws drive.
There are several customized file paths you will need to change. Select the following windows from the menubar and change to valid directory locations.
Settings | CSV Export
Settings | Jpeg File Settings
Settings | WeatherVoice
Settings | WeatherCentral Settings
Internet | HTML Settings
Internet | Upload File
Internet | Upload Folder
If you copied the files from one computer to a CD and then to the other computer in Step (1), this sets all of the copied files to "read only". To change this, on the new computer, right click on the \vws directory, select Properties and uncheck the read only check box.

Note that you will not have to re-enter your registration number.
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