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I've recently bought and set up the gateway and a lot of sensors of "Mobile Alerts", available with brand names like Techno Line or ELV...

See these links for details (German only, but probably the pictures are enough):

As you can see, the gateway seems to be exactly the same like the LaCrosse GW1000U.

Does anyone know the Mobile Alerts hardware and can confirm it's the same?

So far I could only set up the Mobile Alerts smartphone app, but I want to build my own weather website/infoscreen and couldn't configure weewx to work with my gateway so far...

Thanks for any information or hints!

Meanwhile I found this great resource on github:

It provides documentation about the ELV Mobile Alerts gateway and sensors.

And it says that it's "a version of the LaCrosse Alerts Mobile system made for the European market".
"Despite looking almost identical and the expectation that there are only subtile differences in the sensors, like the operating frequency (915MHz in the US vs 868MHz in Germany), the protocol seems to be completely different. Anything on the internet about the La Crosse Gateway GW-1000U, which looks identical to the Mobile Alerts Gateway is not applicable. There is a certain overlap, but it is minimal (like the UDP communication on port 8003). The sending is different, e.g. the http_identify does exist, but the format is different."

On one hand, it's a disappointing to know it's not the same device and I can't use resources available for the GW-1000U. But on the other hand, it should be possible to use it with weewx. Will be hard work to get the setup running...  :-|


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