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I know this is an "entry level" consumer grade station, but I was looking for something that would display AccuWeather forecasts without having to use my phone or tablet.  I have an old LaCrosse Technologies thermometer which has worked well, but am interested in the humidity and air pressure as well. 

What is the precision of these instruments?  When I look at WU right now, I see results ranging from 101.80 to 102.0 kPa, along with a few outliers.  Is this the type of precision adequate to see daily BP trends (not necessarily hourly trends)?

Before the hardcore weather enthusiasts come in and say this is a piece of junk, I'm not expecting this to be a precision instrument.  I also understand that forecasting can be rather "imprecise" as well.  But, my kids, who aren't getting phones yet, could go to this device and get an idea of what to wear instead of turning on the weather channel. has a simple unit S82950 that measures temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed.   I'm considering this because it connects to the Internet to display AccuWeather forecasts, as well as displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity data. 


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