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I developed ws-2300 weather station software some years ago which runs as a windows service. I have now ported this to the Raspberry Pi. It consists of a data extractor, extracting the data to from a ws-2300 device to a mysql database, and a data supplier which can be configured to supply data to a number of weather services. Currently I supply data to services like Citizen weather, weather underground, metoffice and few others. The data extractor, database and data supplier can all run on the same computer or on different systems with a mix of linux and windows. The extractor software was developed in C and has a binary image for Pi Linux (armhf) or Windows. The data supplier is Java and can therefore run on any system with the java JRE.

I have built in a number of features to ensure data accuracy.
You can specify the frequency of observation and the frequency of upload to weather services. It can run in the background; so without a foreground windows session or Pi session.

There is some set up required with installing the database software. Instructions provided if you're interested.

Its free.

Contact me if you want to try it.



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