Author Topic: Convertion software from Weather Underground to OpenWeatherMap API  (Read 1164 times)

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I recently purchased a weather station.
In the process of this, I discovered that 99% of them are pre-programnmed (hard coded) to Upload their data to, in the format required by that API.
I then discovered that Weather Underground is "closing their API":

After founding this out, I decided for a weather station which comes with its own PC software and a USB cable which would give me more flexibility.

Still, it could not Upload its data to OpenWeatherMap, with its new API.

So I have written a (MS-Windows) program which acts as a Weather Underground API server, converts the imcoming data to the OpenWeatherMap API, and then Uploads it to their API. Works perfectly.

My question is: Is there interest with current 'Weather Underground' weather stations to switch to OpenWeatherMap using this conversion program?
If so, I will add some more features, and make it ready for Beta release.
Initially this will be free while still in Beta, but if I do go through all this work, I will later request a one-off small fee if people want to keep using it.

Let me know if it is worth my effort.

Thanks, Bart Kindt
Developer of (free) Search and Rescue software