Author Topic: Well, It Was Nice While It Lasted (Hamweather Metar Downloads)  (Read 1137 times)

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After a few months of getting the most current Metar downloads at :15 or :20 after the hour, it seems that most of them are back to :35 past the hour for the last update.  Since the actual reports are actually at :53 (for most of the Metars I download), this is almost an hour old.  Unfortunately, for those of us still limping along using VWS, Hamweather is the only way to get our local current conditions after NOAA and then WU quit working on VWS. 

Question to anyone who has switched from this abandonware (which is STILL actively being sold on the Ambient website) called VWS to either Cumulous or Weather Display:  Have you been able to keep your existing web page and just change the tags to match the different software's tags?  VWS actually had a rather nice template that I have adapted to my own modifications and I like the look of it and would rather not have to change the whole look of my site if I don't need to.  In any case, VWS has definitely become obsolete and a change is well past due.