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La Crosse C83100 weather station registtration with Weather Underground

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Hi forum.  I have purchased the La Crosse C83100 from Costco a few weeks ago and I have it up and running except for the  online registration with Weather Underground.  I realize that this is a cheap consumer unit but I would like to try this out.

I have tried using the iOS WeatherConnect app but it cannot connect to the PWS no matter what I try.  This PWS is on a 2.4GHz standard wireless network and is working with the other La Crosse View app.

Is there a manual way of registering these units with Wunderground other than the crappy out-of-date iOS app?  Thanks in advance.

Jim Ace:
Do you have a WU account?

Yes I do, with two station ID waiting to be linked.

Just a thought... Maybe borrow a friend's Android phone to set it up. Maybe the Android version works better.

Jim Ace:
What password are using in the app setup?  WU or station ID.


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