Author Topic: How does it work when you have multiple outdoor sensor, what gets uploaded?  (Read 30 times)

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Hi, I just installed the wittboy and the gw2001, and I see it is detected correctly, and I now get Rainfall Piezo stats online, so it is working correctly.

But, I alread had many sensors installed, and some seems to have been replaced by the wittboy in the dashboard dara, while others aren't.  What decides what is shown?  And is there any way to have them all show up their respective data?

WH40  -> Appears correctly as Rainfall(non piezo) and wittboy appears as rainfall piezo.(precision for the haptic sensor looks crappy right now, sadly)
WH32(outdoor) -> Appears correctly, but I see no sign of the temp/humidity sensors data from the wittboy?(Wsview reports that the data is coming from the WH32, un less I am reading this wrong)
WS68-> I do not see it's data in the GW2001, I only see the Wittboy UV and wind sensors.  Any way to get it back, along the wittboy data?
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