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NWS CAP feed updates...
« on: May 30, 2017, 11:30:37 PM »
The following upgrades were to made to NWS CAP content today.  We apologize for the brief outage which occurred this morning while the upgrades were being performed.  Please note that a final 20 minute interruption will occur on Wednesday morning (May 30, 2017) at approximately 7 am EDT as the system is moved to the College Park data center.

- Added capability to generate CAP messages for the new NWS Storm Surge Watch Watch, Storm Surge Warning, and Extreme Wind Warning products.  The SAME <eventCode> values for these products are SSA, SSW, and EWW.

- Updated the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) message wording for Dust Storm Warning

- A new Tornado Warning which includes “CATASTROPHIC” in the CAP tornadoDamageThreat tag will activate WEA with special tornado emergency wording instead of the wording normally used for Tornado Warnings.  If the first instance of “CATASTROPHIC” occurs in an update (<msgType> value is "Update") to the original Tornado Warning, WEA will be reactivated (WEA is always activated for the original Tornado Warning) but using the tornado emergency wording.

NOTE: When “CATASTROPHIC” occurs in an update to the original Tornado Warning, the CAP will contain a SAME <eventCode> of "TOR" instead of "SVS".  "SVS" is normally used for Tornado Warning updates, but the use of "TOR" is necessary in order to reactivate WEA because WEA does not yet recognize the SAME <eventCode> of SVS.

- Corrected an issue where not all headlines from NWS' traditional WMO formatted alerts were being properly captured in the <NWSheadline> parameter.

- CAP content has been made more meaningful for alerts which are being canceled, expired or have been upgraded to a more significant alert type. This includes changes to content in the <headline>, <description>, <expires>, <urgency>, severity>, <certainty>, and <responseType> elements.

Mike Gerber
National Weather Service
Office of Dissemination

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