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This doesn't help those with existing units.
I still intend adding my own power supply should increasing age/infirmity require me to do so.
I've kept the battery cover from my replaced unit just in case.
Why is the WH40 offset 1.022? I don't even see where to set that in the calibration controls.

At what rate does the WH40 start to fail? Where I live, 1 inch/hr is pretty heavy rain. Even 1.5 in/hr would look Biblical, haha.

In VSView +, look under more/rain totals, not under more/calibration.
FYI, I don't use the offset as 99% of the time it  is within a few percentage points of my manual rain gauge, plus or minus (within the published error for the device). As using an offset (rain gain) for the WH40 means for all rain rates, I rather not use it.
Another reason for not using is contained in post
The post requires reading in its entirety, as there is a lot of confusion in the early stages.
My memory is that Ecowitt have attempted to correct the error within the gateway or console firmware.
However, the respective firmwares have all changed in the mean time?????

Re Bashy's issue. I also had an 18mm/hr event about 30 mins earlier.
My WS69 (which reportedly over reads) recorded 18.6mm/hr and 3.3mm total. My WH40 recorded 18mm/hr and 3.1mm total.
Both are within 10 feet of each other and 8 feet high (necessary to keep the canines from triggering a rain event)
A nearby (1/2 mile) davis station recorded less. (for what thats worth).
A Vue console can display essentially all the readings from a Plus ISS, including solar/UV (just needs an extra button press to call up the solar/UV readings). See the Vue console manual if you're not sure how - see the WXCen button and Appendix A. And all these readings should indeed be uploadable to via a network logger such as WFL.
CWOP Forum / Re: Calibrating relative (corrected sea level) pressure
« Last post by CW2274 on May 25, 2022, 10:37:18 PM »
If you want the VP2 to reflect the altimeter as close as possible, wait til the ASOS is "around" 29.92 inHg in benign-ish conditions (not windy from pressure gradient) and when the obs comes out, which is usually just before the hour. Also set the console elevation to zero ft. It works well til it doesn't.
CWOP Forum / Re: Calibrating relative (corrected sea level) pressure
« Last post by Buick on May 25, 2022, 10:16:32 PM »
You're right - there does appear to be a discrepancy between the altimeter setting that WiFiLogger is reporting to CWOP and the value I get when I plug my station pressure into the altimeter calculator but it only amounts to least in the current conditions. Over the past 18hr or so the mean difference in altimeter setting between my station and BLI is very small - less than 0.01inHg - so I'm satisfied for the time being. I'm already planning on adding additional sensors to my current setup (Rainwise 111, Davis 7714 and 6415) as well as WeatherLink Live to handle the new data so I'll probably have to wait on a Vue console but it's tentatively on my list.
It seems I spoke too soon.  I went back to my station to check on it, and it was back to showing online.  Apparently it received a new data upload from somewhere, and is registering as online again.  I've sent an email to WU, asking for them to regenerate the station key, but haven't received a response yet.  Has anyone ever had WU successfully regenerate an upload key?  If so, was it through their support email?
So, I turned off sending to my old site at at around midnite last night to see what would happen.  The site was still showing as online up to around 4 pm today, but the data was not mine.  It was showing a temperature of 55 degrees F, but the temperature was in the 90 degree range at that time. It seemed to be receiving upload data every 30 minutes to an hour or so from somewhere else.  The data was not from any of my stations.  Because I could not regenerate a new station key as Jonesy mentioned, I decided to change my Wunderground password just to see if it would affect the rogue uploads.  That seemed to stop the rogue data, and the station is now showing as offline.  I'm going to reactivate the station now, and see if the spikes go away.  I'll let you know if this fixes it.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Using Vue console to upload to
« Last post by CW2274 on May 25, 2022, 06:47:06 PM »
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Using Vue console to upload to
« Last post by dj1111s on May 25, 2022, 06:41:29 PM »
I have a Vantage Pro2 Plus with solar and UV. Also have a soil station and additional temperature and humidity stations. I'm using a Meteobridge to upload to various online services but cannot get all the data to be accurate on I've tried to get help from various forums but got mostly crickets. So I'm giving up on that. My plan is to purchase a WiFiLogger2 3rd party data logger for uploading to

I have a Vue console I'd like to use for this. But if I insert the logger in the Vue will it pass through all the solar, UV, soil, temp and humidity data to I know the Vue console cannot display it all but wonder if it will pass it all to I also have a Pro2 console but it is feeding my Mbridge.
CWOP Forum / Re: Calibrating relative (corrected sea level) pressure
« Last post by CW2274 on May 25, 2022, 05:32:25 PM »
Appreciate the responses! MesoWest shows my altimeter matching BLI so I think I've got it dialed in. I did some more tinkering using the barometer in my phone and several apps (to check for consistency) into which one can input a reference elevation and temperature to convert the station pressure to SLP. I'm now reading ~.6mb (averaged over the preceding 8 hours) lower than BLI. Since the SLP calculation requires information about temperature and humidity and there are differences in the temperature and humidity between my site and BLI (eg at 0753PDT BLI reported 54F, 100%rh, 54F dewpoint while my station reported 51.7F, 95%rh, 50.3F dewpoint), does the difference in SLP between my site and BLI make sense?
Your console has the ability to calculate SLP but the Davis consoles use an algorithm that is a close match to a ASOS/AWOS but it is not exactly the same.
For the OP's clarification, the VP2 console will do SLP, but not the altimeter setting. You would need a Vue console for that if you want a true comparison with the ASOS/AWOS altimeter.  You can get close with the VP2, but it's not apples to apples, especially in higher and lower pressures. I recently talked one member here into buying a Vue console for just that purpose.
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