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Could it be someone made a typo entering their key and by chance hit another valid one - yours! The upload keys are quite short.
Meanwhile they are complaining to WU about their data not showing up on their station!  :lol:

Might be, but in that case one would expect all their data, not these huge gaps, sometimes over 2 hours. I mean maybe they have real crappy wifi / Internet.

This is strange, I've looked at the UTC values, in case they were somehow confused, and no, that doesn't line up either based on the solar values , which would i think for his  time  would be + 7 (UTC - 7).

Congratulations on working through the adventure and figuring out a solution!  Thanks for sharing.

Apparently it looks like whatever data is being sent has a wrong clock / time value

Or the station is roughly 12 hours away around the globe?

Could it be someone made a typo entering their key and by chance hit another valid one - yours! The upload keys are quite short.
Meanwhile they are complaining to WU about their data not showing up on their station!  :lol:
I was thinking the Vue would pass through solar and UV because it is part of the ISS. But will it pass through data from my soil station as well as my separate temperature station and temp/humidity station?

I think I will do an experiment. I'll power down my Vue and Pro2 consoles then move the data logger from the Pro2 to the Vue. This USB logger is connected to a computer so once everything is powered up I will see what Weatherlink displays on said computer.
CWOP Forum / Read-out of CWOP-data
« Last post by Tln7559 on Yesterday at 11:32:45 AM »
Sometimes neighbour's basic meteodata useful for online comparison or backup.
The raw tables from CWOP might be a handy resource and easy to get.
Example for raw APRS-data:
Example for raw Weather-data:
Extraction of data seems simple, because all values always at same position in the line and with same format.
This document in section 6b explains the setup.
Small detail to grab & dissect the latest/actual data of a station, that such data is in the bottom data-line of the file with APRS/Weather-data.
Also to be aware that time-value is UTC and units of values are 'english/american', and therefore for applications with 'Local-time' and SI-units a conversion is needed after extraction.

Has a member of this forum ever developed (or seen) a script to grab those actual data and to produce a list with latest station values?

;-) A PHP-script for grab & dissect on the APRS/Weather-data would be ideal,
because it might be put in webspace as a support module commonly serving various users,
but Python is also nice programming environment ....
Lightning / Re: Microsferics TOA network 2022
« Last post by josecmorales on Yesterday at 11:19:54 AM »
I am happy to report that my Microsferics TOA kit arrived sometime last night!  Now I need to find time to set it up - probably next weekend.


Excellent new.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / HighCharts error after update
« Last post by rlee171 on Yesterday at 11:01:21 AM »
I updated my scripts and had a couple of problems. Primarily not being able to reach my site due to timeout errors. There is a thread, 6 or 7 below this one that covers that issue. I have since discovered the my "Station Graphs" using HighCharts is not functioning as well. You can see it here  I have copied and pasted the last few lines of my WUG-settings.php that include the referenced error - line 502. I have not had any success resolving this issue. Is there anyone that may see what I am missing? Thanks to the forums continued support for those of us that lack the skill set and or are loosing brain cells!

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Maybe useful to some.

My Ecowitt devices feed CumulusMx and Weewx.
CumulusMx will email if my station goes off-line, and courtesy of William Phelps/Gary Roderick Weewx will email me if any number of criteria are not met.
So, I have a rain alarm from my leaf wetness sensor (daylight only and dewpoint safe), alarms for high low temperatures, and low soil moisture etc..
So, I was a happy bunny, until recently, when one of my extra sensors decided to go off-line.


I have Googled and Googled, and none of the solutions work for Ecowitt devices (I'm sure FOSHKplugin coupled with push notifications would work).
But, being a stubborn ole git, I was convinced that there should be another option. does not have an option for missing sensor.

Now, I am not a programmer, excel and access vba is my limit.
So if there was an award for the most weewx syslog errors, I'd have to be a contender, after trying the various supposed solutions and some of my own invention.

After numerous failed attempts, I twigged that the problem lay in the source of data.
More specifically the alarm is triggered from weewx.NEW_ARCHIVE_RECORD, and not the weewx.sdb itself.
The way the GW1000 works.
No sensor = No entry in the NEW_ARCHIVE_RECORD.


Or maybe not.

I'm 10+ years into retirement, so, occasionally I get bored.
I sat down with the Gw1000 driver in test mode and a WH31 in my hand.
Removing the battery gave me a surprise, the GW1100 continued to relay the last WH31 values.
Better still, every sensor has a xxx_sig entry, a fact that I was aware of but the value had always equalled 4 and not used by Weewx.
Then I noticed the value drop from the WH31 With the battery removed.

Previously I've had to add database columns and field mapping to cope with extra sensors (I have 5 soil moisture sensors Weewx only coped with 4 as an example).

I decided to repurpose unused columns.
Initially mapping just one entry and testing the alarm upon success, my weewx.conf field map now looks like this.

        signal1 = wh31_ch1_sig
        signal2 = wh31_ch2_sig
        signal3 = wh31_ch3_sig
        signal4 = wh31_ch4_sig
        signal5 = wh31_ch5_sig
        signal6 = wh31_ch6_sig
        signal7 = wh31_ch7_sig
        batteryStatus1 = wh51_ch1_sig
        batteryStatus2 = wh51_ch2_sig
        batteryStatus3 = wh51_ch3_sig
        batteryStatus4 = wh51_ch4_sig
        batteryStatus5 = wh51_ch5_sig
        batteryStatus6 = wh34_ch1_sig
        batteryStatus7 = wh35_ch1_sig
        windBatteryStatus = ws80_sig
        rainBatteryStatus = wh40_sig
        outTempBatteryStatus = wh26_sig

(wh26 = wh32)

And my alarms

    expression.13 = signal1 < 3 or signal2 < 3 or signal3 < 3 or signal4 < 3 or signal5 < 3 or signal6 < 3 or signal7 < 3
    subject.13 = Temperature Sensor contact
    expression.14 = batteryStatus1 < 3 or batteryStatus2 < 3 or batteryStatus3 < 3 or batteryStatus4 < 3 or batteryStatus5 < 3 or batteryStatus6 < 3 or batteryStatus7 < 3
    subject.14 = Soil Sensor contact
    expression.15 = outTempBatteryStatus < 3 or rainBatteryStatus < 3 or windBatteryStatus < 3
    subject.15 = Main Sensor contact

I initially had these all set at < 4
But I had an overload of alarms.

Now I assume (rightly or wrongly) that the xxx_sig is used to drive the signal graphic on the console or wsview.
I also assumed (wrongly) that this would be an integer 0,1,2,3,or 4 to correspond with the bars on the graphic.
But the emails had values of 3.6666666666666665
I now believe it decreases by 0.333333 for each failure.

Now bored or not, I have never sat in front of my console or gateway watching the signal graphics.
I was happy that a quick glance showing all 4 or occasionally 3 bars meant my system was behaving.

So I was disconcerted to get an alarm for Main Sensor Contact with outTempBatteryStatus 0.
Especially as my WH32EP is only 30 feet from the house, Whereas my other main sensors are 70 feet from the house.

As the data are now recorded, and I use the Belchertown skin, I added some charts (too many sensors for 1 chart).

I was expecting issues with my soil moisture sensors (I have wire coils on most of them).
But not the Temp.
A minor relocation and re-orientation of the main body of the sensor seems to have solved the issue.
The body is now edge onto the house as opposed to face on.
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I'd really like to have this but replacing the unit is not an option unless it fails under warranty.  I think they need to think about an upgrade package as I'm thinking this could be reasonably simple for at least  some folks to do.

Not only is it sending data, but bad data, for 4AM, I doubt you have 700 W/M^2.
Also you have you hardware set to an Ambient WS2000, shouldn't matter but confuses the issue.

Did you ever have a WS-2000?
Did you ever send data to AmbientWeather net, and have data forwarded to WU from there?
Apparently it looks like whatever data is being sent has a wrong clock / time value

 KCAEMERA18 is your new ID?
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