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Title: Station Weather Plot
Post by: TrugWX on August 16, 2020, 12:10:03 AM
G'day all. I thought I would share the details of a project I have been working on recently.

Over about the past eight weeks I've been developing a dynamic station weather plot that resembles the station plots I analysed during my career as a meteorologist with the Bureau of Meteorology.

The data source is a routinely generated XML file (self-developed) that may contain a mix of automatic and manually observed weather data. The display of the XML data on my website is by XSL transformation.

Example of a full manual and automatic observation: http://www.truganinaweather.com/data/current-weather-example.xml (http://www.truganinaweather.com/data/current-weather-example.xml)

Link to the current observation (wind sensor not installed): http://www.truganinaweather.com/data/current-weather.xml (http://www.truganinaweather.com/data/current-weather.xml)

Details of the project: http://www.truganinaweather.com/projects/xml-current-weather-project.htm (http://www.truganinaweather.com/projects/xml-current-weather-project.htm)