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Post by: miraculon on May 26, 2020, 08:56:57 AM
I think that I basically understand what CAPE is (Convective Available Potential Energy).

Wikipedia has:
Other types of CAPE may depend on the depth being considered. Other examples are surface based CAPE (SBCAPE), mixed layer or mean layer CAPE (MLCAPE), most unstable or maximum usable CAPE (MUCAPE), and normalized CAPE (NCAPE).

but doesn't really explain what these 'flavors' of CAPE actually are.

I click each one as part of Meso Fill. Presently, the SBCAPE and MUCAPE look similar, but MLCAPE makes the biggest difference. (more in the South and the Northern depiction disappears from the map)

I know that the bigger the J/kg, the more likely that big thunderstorms will develop.

Which is preferred, when and why?

Greg H.