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WeeWx RTL-SDR missing data
« on: April 04, 2021, 04:22:26 AM »
OK Setup --> EcoWitt WH65B, 1x EcoWitt WH32, 6x EcoWitt WH31's and EcoWitt HP2551

The HP2551 is uploading to Weathercloud, WUnderground and console without a problem (no Missing Data)
I've TWO (yes 2) Raspberry Pi's running WeeWx both on SDR (Albeit two different models of RTL device) one of which uploads to my own webserver.

I've noticed that one of my sensors (WH31 - Channel 6) has recently been missing some data when I look at the graphs for current/yesterday (gets rolled up in the weekly/monthly and averaged out).

Initially I thought this might be the sensor but no data missing on the HP2551 as far as I can tell, and the two raspberries don't seem to miss the same data at the same time which really has confused me making me think that perhaps the RTL-SDR driver cannot handle the data volumes (8 devices).

Any ideas why? - The sensor is not the furthest away from the RTL receivers, and both receivers are picking up the other devices without a problem!  Just to add to the oddity, it was the SamTemp Raspberry that lost data today and the ExtraTemp device didn't! So not even consistent!!!

2nd Question - Can I extract data from one sqlite database to import into the other for the time range that is missing? Which table? any tips?

The graphs are from the two different devices and whilst one is left with default name of ExtraTemp they are the same sensor.
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