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Just thinking, would it be possible to run the WS View app with Bluestacks to run on a PC?
I got it running with the NOX app player (Android emulator on Windows).
Installed latest NOX player, downloaded and installed WS View from the Google app store inside NOXplayer.

By the way, that's one of our recommended setup/pairing options if you don't have a smartphone or tablet.

And, using a tablet without phone functionality avoids WS View to get confused by the data network - and you get a bigger view.
On the smartphone it means activating flight-mode, then switch on WiFi to have a successful pairing.
2 / How do i setup my station on Windy to upload my station data?
« Last post by fkapp on Yesterday at 11:11:12 PM »
I have looked around on their website and cant find where to setup my station to upload my station data.
Asking for help on where to do this?
Some tips/steps as well will help please on how to configure.

I have done this for WU, CWOP, AWekas, but cant find the where ans how for windy

Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by DoctorKnow on Yesterday at 06:46:02 PM »
It's a roller coaster. Goes up then down.
Wash rinse repeat.
I respectfully disagree. This is not the Democratic Party I was a card carrying union member of a decade ago. Not even close. They genuinely hate America.
I was never a hard core Democrat, but I agree... They have gone insane.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by CW2274 on Yesterday at 05:42:59 PM »
It's a roller coaster. Goes up then down.
Wash rinse repeat.
I respectfully disagree. This is not the Democratic Party I was a card carrying union member of a decade ago. Not even close. They genuinely hate America.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by ocala on Yesterday at 05:36:03 PM »
It's a roller coaster. Goes up then down.
Wash rinse repeat.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by CW2274 on Yesterday at 05:27:01 PM »
My daughter, who works at NATO headquarters in Brussels, asked me May of 2020 what I wanted for my birthday. Knowing her TDS, I asked her to vote for Trump because when she and her family move back to the States the summer '22 they won't recognize the country they will come back to if they put Joey and Co. in "charge". She basically told me to "stick it". Well, not only am I right, I'm more right than I ever could have imagined. I also told her bread/soup lines, covid papers, wokeness, open borders, out of control inflation of gas and consumer goods, cities becoming lawless pits of slime, (what else am I forgetting...) ect. will destroy this country. The soup lines aren't quite here yet, I praying I'm not right about that as well. Sadly, we rarely speak now. 
Yep we changed the password to the key and its working now
Barometer calibration - the role of temperature (Part IV)

Note: Although some of the following methods could be used for other weather stations, these methods are meant for Fine Offset manufactured weather stations or consoles branded as Ambient Weather, Ecowitt or other Fine Offset clones. For more information refer to Part I, Part II, Part III (below).

Barometer calibration - the role of temperature (Part I);topicseen#msg436327

Barometer calibration - the role of temperature (Part II)

Barometer calibration - the role of temperature (Part III)

Summary of calibration methods:

1. Compare with reference barometer

The easiest and most accurate method to calibrate a barometric sensor is to compare your current raw station pressure reading side-by-side with a reference barometric sensor. The reference barometer need not to be an expensive one just one that is more accurate and precise. ABS in the display console is adjusted to match the reference barometer. For the Ecowitt GW1000/1100 sensor calibration adjustment is done by adjusting the ABS offset until you match the readings of the reference barometer.

2. Compare with METAR QNH/Altimeter

Most countries in the world report QNH in their METAR reports. In these countries, METAR SLP values are either rare or are not calculated and may not be available. To calibrate using QNH/Altimeter in the display console set REL = QNH or Altimeter. In the GW1000/1100 firmware set a REL offset value until you match METAR QNH/Altimeter. Calibrating ABS/Station pressure/QFE or calculating an altimeter elevation offset is a bit trickier. The elevation offset can be calculated from a Altimeter setting calculator or QNH to QFE calculator.

QNH/Altimeter uses fixed standard ISA temperatures.  If outside temperatures are different from the fixed ISA temperatures QNH/Altimeter readings will be in error. Altimeter errors increase in magnitude with increased elevation resulting in larger discrepancies at higher elevations*.

Example of a ISA temperature: What is the ISA temperature at an elevation of 191 meters AMSL? Using an ISA calculator., the temperature is calculated to be 13.76C @ 191 meters AMSL

* see Table A2 (scroll down a bit) for pressure corrections to QNH/Altimeter (in millibars) due to temperature and elevation. The far right column represents fixed ISA temperatures (rounded off to the nearest degree) at various elevations. The ISA temperature starts at 15C/59F at sea level (zero meters) and declines with increasing elevation. The horizontal top row are 12 hour average temperatures.

3. Compare with METAR SLP

Adjust REL reading to match with a reference METAR SLP (if available). Mean sea level pressure can be calculated using a fixed elevation offset added to station pressure. This value is unique to your elevation (above sea level) and needs to be calculated once only at initial setup of your Fine Offset weather station. You can optionally add a fixed temperature correction/offset based on annual or seasonal temperature averages.

Since we are reducing station pressure down to sea level (elevation) we can use 1013.25 mb as our fixed point of reference in order to calculate a fixed offset. Additionally, the reference ISA temperature of 15C at mean sea level should be used or depending on the calculator, the fixed ISA temperature for your particular location/elevation can also be used.

4. Weather software method:

OK. WeeWX is not a calibration method but it will help calculate a more accurate SLP.
Fine Offset weather stations can not calculate SLP (temp corrected) directly but weather software can be employed (such as WeeWX ) that can dynamically calculate and graph SLP for you.  Optionally, WeeWX can be configured/modified to display Altimeter and/or station pressure.

5. Spreadsheet method:

Some online weather services allow you to export METAR data from an official station close to you which you can import to your own spreadsheet. You can compare METAR SLP to METAR Station pressure and calculate a fixed elevation offset for the METAR station. Create a column that calculates SLP minus station pressure minus elevation offset. Basically you want to see how much of the SLP reading incorporates a temperature correction. Likewise, you can easily import your own weather data from,,, etc. to make comparisons with your METAR station create deltas or graph the results. Ultimately, you could fine tune your fixed offset SLP weather station to a variable offset METAR within an acceptable range.

6. Other considerations

At my location, morning temperature inversions are very common so my temps can easily be several degrees(Celsius) cooler than the METAR station I am comparing to. My SLP value will be much higher so there is no use to compare SLP values under that scenario until later in the day when the air mixes, temperature increases and I see SLP falling to match the example of why we might ignore METAR at times and concentrate on the calibration of our weather stations for our own local climate. Temperature matters.

CAUTION: Anytime you are comparing your station barometric readings with a METAR station you must be confident that your station and the METAR station you are comparing to are in the same pressure zone.


ABS = Absolute Pressure = Station Pressure

REL = Relative Pressure can be set to SLP or QNH or Altimeter

ISA = International Standard Atmosphere

MSLP/SLP = station pressure reduced to mean sea level elevation (temperature corrected)
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by Greg_M on Yesterday at 04:37:27 PM »
CWOP Forum / Re: Gladstonefamily QC
« Last post by Weatheroger on Yesterday at 04:30:08 PM »
On the Gladstone QC page CWOP information for G0412 in Unknown is showing for my station. I have moved the marker on the map to the correct longitude and latitude and sent the updated information. What else should I do to update this information?
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