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OSI vs Honeywell

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In comparing these two on Ambient's chart the Honeywell actually seems to have better stats than the OSI.  The one place the OSI seems to do a lot better is wind direction.  The Honeywell (TE923W) appears to only give direction in 22.5 degree increments and could be off by up to 11.25.  For my purposes this seems like it'd be accurate enough.  Is there a good reason to want more accurate wind direction other than curiosity or statistical comparisons?  Am I reading this correctly that it is degrees and not percent?

Any ideas on the Honeywell vs the OSI (WMR-968) otherwise?  I'm guessing Ambient is discontinuing the Honeywells for some reason, does anyone know why?


I don't know if Ambient is discontinuing the Honeywell but Honeywell does have a new model that may be a replacement for the current one.

Ambient isn't carrying the newer one (which does appear to be on the market) so I'm wondering if they've had problems with the Honeywell's.  They're apparently made by a company named Hideki in China who is just using the Honeywell name to sell them.

Here's the questions I have:

What weather software will support the Honeywell?

How long has Honeywell been selling weather stations?

--- Quote ---After reception is established (all of the remote readings will appear on the main unitís display), position the remote sensors and the main unit within the effective transmission range of up to 328 feet (100 meters). Ideally they should be placed within the line of sight of the main unit.
--- End quote ---

I worry a lot about this. Ideally placed line of sight with the main unit? You mean, like in a window? What is the effective range of the device in a real-world situation?

Also, the outside units take lots of AA batteries, all of which need replaced periodically... that's 2 for the rain gauge... 2 for the UV sensor... 2 for the wind gauge (oh yes, the one way up there on the pole)... and 2 for the thermo/hydro sensor.

These are things you want to think about before buying.

I think you just put the kabosh on the Honeywell.  The sensors not being solar powered would be a pita.



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