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Weather sticker dilema


I use Chrome as my browser. When using the sticker below if I add [img] to the beginning and end
 it will not even show up as a url. When I remove the img placeholders the url will show up.
However when I use Firefox the url actually shows the sticker, which is what I want. When I remove the img placeholders just the url shows up.
My question is what setting in Chrome  needs to be changed to get the above url to show the sticker.
FWIW Edge does the same thing as Chrome.
I tried to add the url below with [img] but  this board won't let me add it. The space comes up blank in the post.

I think its a http v.s. https issue.  Your sticker image at http://weatherelement.com/Candler/Sticker.jpg is HTTP only.  I tried using https, but it fails to http.  Modern browsers prevent loading mixed (http) contents in a https page.

Contact the admin for weatherelement.com and ask them to add a LetsEncrypt cert to allow the content to be served via https.


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