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Acurite 5-1 and Ambient Weather WS-5000


Picture of my weather stations

Nice. I have a ws5000 and just got a vp2. Trying to figure options how to have both set up together

Good luck, the galvanized pipe cost almost as much as the weather station.  But, it's easy to work with.  Men and their toys!!!

Yeah i wish i could set it up with galvanized piping like you did but my anemometers are 10 feet above the ridge of my roof and its a bit challenging working up there lol.
Although its nice to just unscrew the pole and take it down if needed.
Is it alot heavier to work with as opposed to a fence rail. I originally got a 21ft long fence rail and cut it down. Anchoring a long pole to stay straight and stable in hurricane winds is the biggest challenge of everything not to mention grounding for lightning.
Always turns into a project lol

Mine sensor is only up about 15' total, and I kept the rain gauge down where I can keep it clean.  That is necessary since my wife has a bluebird house about 20' away and they like to sit and shit in the rain gauge.  Now I have ordered rain spikes.  Happy wife, happy life!!


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