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Hello everyone,

I'm from Brazil and I would like references of meteorological stations for development that provide API. I'm working on a project and would like to develop some exclusive dashboards for my client. Recommend some cheap models that we can start with?

I've been looking at the manufacturer Ecowitt, but haven't found anything about their documentation API. I contacted today awaiting a response.



The Ecowitt local API? It's here:,1100%20WH2680,2650%20telenet%20v1.6.4.pdf


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Thank you, I got in touch and they don't provide the model for shipping to Brazil.  :sad:


--- Quote from: mcrossley on February 21, 2024, 02:17:45 PM ---The Ecowitt local API? It's here:,1100%20WH2680,2650%20telenet%20v1.6.4.pdf

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I'm thinking that I'll work with them. I found this content on the internet, easy to implement. I would like more cheap and interesting models.  [tup]


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