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Has anyone else had difficulty explaining to AWEKAS that your data is correct although they insist it isnít?

Barometric data to be precise.

Here in Alberta we do have unusual weather, including regular Chinook weather phenomenon were the local air pressure increased rapidly warming the air.

Recently, Iíd started getting messages from AWEKAS telling me they had disabled my pressure tab as my station was sending incorrect data.

I checked all three of me personal weather stations, Davis vantage pro 2, tempest and acurite, they all read within a few mb of each other. Then I checked around the local area and saw all the other weather stations with a similar reading. I also noticed the few other stations in the area had also had pressure data disabled.

When i question this with the admin at AWEKAS they tell me my data is wrong and refer me to stations 100 km away from here, unsurprisingly, they are different.

This has gone on for several months and they have permanently disabled the pressure on for my station now.

Iím 💯 sure the data is correct.

Anyone else experienced this sort of issue?

Not unusual.
Some of their moderators 'have a rather strong opinion'.
Just bad luck if you have them judging your input:
sometimes you have to accept defeat, with the pragmatic attitude that it is their loss if they unjustifiedly block valid data .......

One of my setups also victim.
PWS type TFA_Nexus is known to have weak barometric measurement and not an own Light-sensor and no own UV-sensor.
Performing upload to AWEKAS by means of software WsWin, which software has a 'sidedoor' enabling injection of external sensor data.
Use that function to insert replacement air pressure from an external, better sensor and also UV-info from external source.
The AWEKAS-Moderation simply does not accept that such insertion is possible and has permanently blocked those fields.

You yourself are able to re-activate at your user-profile at
in section Weatherstation the sensors temporarily blocked (= red-marked),
but not those with a permanent block (= grey-marked).
To request correction for the latter category you need to directly contact the boss by

They actually put an admin block on it so I couldnít change it back.
This is despite sending screen shots of the surrounding weather stations and the 3 of my own to prove the readings are correct.

Iíve stopped sending them my data now, as you say, itís their loss.


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