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Affordable Temperature-Only Internet-Connected Station for a Snowy Location

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Basically what the title says.

We share a family ski cabin.  We'd like to know what the temperature is there both when we're away, and while we're there. I'd also like to not spend more money than I need to.

The cabin has reliable internet. 

Because of the snowfall, terrain and trees, it's impractical to measure windspeed.  Measuring snowfall would be nice, but is too complex for the investment we'd like to make.  So, really all I'm going for is temperature. 

I'm looking for an affordable, reliable unit that will let us know what the temperature is remotely, or by glancing at the wall while we're there. 

We use Google Home to manage other parts of the cabin while we're away, so integration with Google Home would be nice, but I haven't been able to find an outdoor temperature sensor that integrates with Google Home. 

Ecowitt gateway and outside sensor would be under $50 or so.

Thanks for the suggestion.  It looks like this GW1104 kit at Amazon would get me what I need, for less than $40? 

You will probably want some type of radiation shield for the temp sensor since you are installing outside. That will keep it dry and help mitigate temp spikes from direct sun. I use this one for a WH31 and it works well for me: I would also recommend Energizer Lithium batteries for the cold temps.


You can save a few bucks there it seems by buying the gateway and sensor separately.   The gateway only would be enough for remote monitoring.   Add the sensor(s) for the nice display they have.   For integrating with Google Home or other things you could run weewx on a small raspi if you wanted to do a little IT adventure.  Works great.   I integrated mine with Home Assistant and did a dashboard that runs on a $40 Kindle Fire HD.

I have a gw1000, one outside sensor, and 5 inside sensors at this point to monitor various rooms.  For the winter I guess gateway for inside + outside sensor would even be plenty.  Maybe add an inside sensor for its display when you're there.   Batteries last years.


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