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Weighing Rain Gauge?

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Any home weather aficionados out there with a weighing rain gauge? Got pics?

I was just thinking about this today.
I wish there was a device, something like a small bucket that could collect the rain. As the bucket fills up the gauge would record how much in  tenths has been collected. Think something like a fish scale. You put the fish on the hook, hold it up and the scale would read the poundage. Same thing with the rain collector. As it fills up it would show how much rain has been collected by weight. A scale like the inner tube in a CoCo gauge. Now I know you would have to figure out the math to determine what diameter the collecting bucket would be but would something like this be possible? Of course you would need precision springs to make this accurate. And some kind of adjustment because over time those springs would deteriorate. Is something like this possible or am I way off base here. 

I believe electronic load cells/strain gauges would be able to measure the weight of the rain.  If enough power was available, perhaps an electric valve could allow the bucket to be emptied on schedule or a remote command.

OTT Pluvio2 L and OTT Pluvo2 S Weighing Rain Gauges

Minimal power requirements without heating

I'd stay away from the OTT gauges. They have problems with false readings. NYS Mesonet employ the OTT Pluvio2 L and have repeatedly had issues with them.



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