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App Updates Historical Data in Graphs and Tables?

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Actually it was recorded by my CMX at 3:17 pm and then presume the Rapid Fire settings in CMX updated WU.  I don't know what all happens at the 5 minute update by CMX to WU but 72.4 km/h recorded in the Table view at 3:24 pm. 
Actually I don't often check WU as I get better data display from my CumulusMX and updates to various pages, and know when something seems wrong I don't need to wonder what or when WU/IBM is doing something.


Thanks for the replies folks, yeah, not sure how it works lol.  Just seems I will miss something... even when i look at my HIGH Gust for that ay, don't see it i there either.  So my console shows it, in its history, but can't see that High in WU.

 Anyways, thanks again folks.



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