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No longer valid: Bloomsky Storm new in box (EU)


I still have a Bloomsky Storm hanging around. Before I was able to set it up, my main Bloomsky station "died" and I lost interest.

As I'm in the EU, it makes most sense (from a Tax/Shipping perspective) to sell it to someone based in the EU

Unfortunately Bloomsky service is no longer active - neither Map nor Dashboard. 


And THAT is why I don't get involved in that kind of thing.

Sorry, I didn't realize that.

@Admin: Please lock/remove this thread.

In July I sent a request to the company I found in a search as marketing Bloomsky:

--- Quote ---Hi,
I have been a Bloomsky user since February 2016  https://map.bloomsky.com/weather-stations/gqBxp6apnJSnoJim  and my device has continued without interruption until recently.  I can no longer sign in to my Bloomsky account BloomSky Portal Login.  Will this be restored to full capability?

Thank you,
--- End quote ---

In October I received a reply:

--- Quote ---
Hello Paul,
I am sorry but we are not able to answer BloomSky queries. Kantian Tech is only cooperating with BloomSky in its Chinese businesses. We buy SKY and STORM sets from BloomSky and sell them to government and organisations in China. We are ready to answer any questions you may have for devices installed inside the territory of China. But if you are using the devices in countries other than China, please contact the BloomSky support team (support@bloomsky.com) instead.
Kantian Tech

--- End quote ---

The Bloomsky website support link shows "hmmm... can't reach this page."

I have a couple of Bloomskys that were working that I'll give away... for shipping cost!



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