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Need to replace WeatherTracker -- what else would work

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Yes, you can run multiple instances of CumulusMX, and to clarify it is no longer donationware it is free.

Weewx can probably also do what you want. But is a bit more of an initial learning curve - my opinion!

Thanks. Very helpful. Really appreciate the help.

When I looked at the documentation for WeeWx it only talked about using a COM port.


You mention that Weather Display can use an IP connection, something I did not realize, but to clarify, is it done by choosing the right weather station (which has an interface with an IP connection) for WD to configure itself and receive info, or can WD look to an IP address itself?

This might deviate from the original poster's question and you might consider a new thread, but I'd be very interested in your experience and how to get my WD to look at an IP connection which would allow me to move the computer running WD further from the station.

Please give us (me) some leads to follow up on, or if you have the time, tell us how  you are doing it so others might try.  Thanks a bunch.  Dale

I tried Weather-Display. (It took almost an hour to download!)

You can select an TCP/IP connection specifically for the appropriate Davis weather stations. That part was easy.

However, I could not get it to work because my weather stations are on a different LAN subnet than my computer. WeatherTracker had no difficulty with this but evidently Weather-Display does.) The router rules are set to allow my computer access to all subnets and it works great for about 60 other devices on the network in other subnets.)

When I pinged the weather stations in Weather-Display, the software did not look at all subnets.

Update -- Installed Cumulus.  Works great!  Transferred two of the Davis stations to the Cumulus software and the updating to WU is perfect. However, it appears that I can only create two instances of the software. Every attempt to add a third station has failed -- the software just doesn't run if two other instances are open. 

Thanks for everyone's help.


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