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Monthly Rain didn't reset Oct to Nov


Hi All,

We had a very wet October here in Victoria, ending the month on 264.8mm.  However in the logfiles, there was a reset of MTD number for two intervals, then it reverted to the October number for November as well, and I cannot seem to reset it.

I have not been successful to reset this via the usual means in Control Panel > Offsets.
When I do it, the number changes on the WD main display for a few momnets and then reverts.

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Now, my power did go out around 1am on 1/11/22, for a few hours and then I rebooted the PC in the morning, so not sure if something didn't run overnight that caused the issue.

I also tried manually changing the logfiles before they got too big for the month, but that didn't work.
And have tried the Action > Setup rain totals.  Again, it changes but for a few moments resetting ....

Any suggestions as to how I can correct this?


First, make a backup copy of the file before making any changes.

Here's the step-by-step process:

1.   Fixing log files Directly edit the log file
        a.   Backup Registry and Initialization files and save them on a USB drive (not necessary but I always back up these files when making any changes)
                i.   Action → Backup registry entry
        b.   Close Weather Display
        c.   Check for errors in the log file
                i.   The log files are in the C:\wdisplay\logfiles folder. For example, for June 2022, its C:\wdisplay\logfiles\62022lg.txt
               ii.   Copy and paste the log file into a folder on your weather web server: https://myserver/temp/62022lg.txt
              iii.   Use the Weather Display Log File Checker at
              iv.   Enter the URL for the file into the Checker: https://myserver/temp/62022lg.txt
              v.   If there are errors, open the file in a text editor and remove the bad data
              vi.   Copy the file from the folder on the server and paste it into C:\wdisplay\logfiles
        d.   Restart Weather Display
        e.   Update the corrected log file
              i.   Select Action → Convert Logfile(s) Data Files (Reset Graphs)
             ii.   Select the logfile to fix and click Convert. That will update the graphs as well. Click OK.
             iii.   Go to View → Averages/Extremes NOAA Style Reports
             iv.   Recreate the reports you require for the month you are correcting by selecting the tab Averages/Extremes
              v.   Select the date to calculate and click Update whole month
            vi.   Update the Monthly Data webpage file (June2022.htm) by selecting the tab Recreate the Web Av/Ext Page
                       1.   Click Reset the web page averages/extreme button
                       2.   Click OK to exit the window
            vii.   Update the Climate Data webpage (climatedataout.html) by selecting the tab Detailed Climate Report
                       1.   Click Update month now button to fill-in the missing days
                       2.   Click OK to exit the window
           viii.   Copy the June2022.htm file from C:\wdisplay\webfiles to your weather web server
             ix.   Copy the climatedataout.html file from C:\wdisplay\webfiles to your weather web server

Note that you can resurrect the log file for a month if the graph data is good for that month (under Graph history), by using Action → Convert Logfile(s) Data Files (Reset Graphs), but tick, Convert graph files to log files (and then make sure the correct graph data file is selected (e.g. month102005.inf for October 2005), then click on Convert and wait for it to finish: be patient, it will say finished when done.
Once the log file is correct, then the NOAA reports under View → Averages/Extremes NOAA Style Reports should be OK, and the average/extreme reports can be recreated the from there and re-uploaded.

Thanks for the detailed reply....  Only thing now is the uploading of the file to a publicly accessible server so that logfile checking script can run.  Will have to see if I can find one to use.



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