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Anyone into Bird Watching also?

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A friend showed this to me a few months ago. You take a Raspberry PI, hook up a microphone,
install some software on it, and you have a bird sound recognition device.

It's called BirdNET-PI and it is pretty cool. If you've tried the Merlin Bird ID app from Cornell University,
it's pretty much the same thing. It documents it all and analyzes all the sounds. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Here's a little bit about BirdNET-PI  https://cnyweather.com/BirdNET.php

This is real time recognition of the birds in my back yard. http://birdnet.cnyweather.com

Wouldn't they eat the pi and scatter the raspberry seeds?

That looks like a good thing for my unused Pi.

We just got in to bird feeders in back yard since.the dogs passed away.

Here's all the info on it


I need to set that up. It's quite interesting looking at the data charts to see time of day activity. Grackles come earlier than Blue Jays. Mourning Doves are more of an evening visitor.

I was browsing a site just around 400 km from me. We should get relatively similar visitors with certain differences due to the other one being close to the lake.


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