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J'ai oublié

Mon adresse mail personnelle
" "

Hi Martial

--- Quote ---
I can't write to you or talk to you, but I try every day.

The only response I get is "You have exceeded the maximum number of registration attempts for this session. Please try again later."
--- End quote ---

If you are referring to the Private messages on Cumulus forum, I have not received any messages since my last reply to you Feb 24. Have you checked to see if you have exceeded the 100 message limit. If so, you need to delete some messages to make room for new messages.

Sorry, I have not used or tried running a Pi so can't help on that. Maybe this may also be helpfull

And your site is still working fine =D&gt; just need to work on the language



--- Quote ---I put "pi" and "raspburry"
--- End quote ---

This might be the problem, the default password is raspberry, not raspburry.

See ConligWX post.

Greg H.

à tous
Je vous remercie de votre aide, j'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que mon rsp pi est installé depuis hier soir.
tout à l'air de bien fonctionner.
Sauf les graphes qui ne sont pas affichés.
Si quelqu’un en connait la cause je suis preneur.
ça marchait très bien avant.
merci encore.

to all
Thank you for your help, I am pleased to announce that my rsp pi is installed since last night.
everything seems to be working fine.
Except the graphs which are not displayed.
If anyone knows the cause, I'm all ears.
it was working fine before.
thanks again.

It seems you don't have an 'images' directory ( or at least it is not accessible )


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