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Can i get some input on a question?

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Hi, so I want to create my own weather site for my PWS. How exactly should I start? How long does it usually take? I appreciate answers that can help me!

There's many possibilities. Depends on what you have for a station want to accomplish I guess.

I've got a Davis VP2+ running Weather Display software since 2006, along with a multitude of scripts
and templates which outputs/uploads to my website.

Here's a good resource that you can check out.

 If you've got questions, there's all kinds of people who can probably answer them for you.

For your own PWS weather website, you'll need four things:

1) a automatic weather station that provides an output that can be read by weather software ( Davis VP/Vantage View, Ambient, Fine Offset, etc).
2) weather software that supports your weather station (Free:  CumulusMX, weewx; Purchase: Weather-Display, Meteobridge, WeatherCat ) (there are other offerings too)
3) a system that can run the selected weather software 24/7 to process the data and keep your website updated.
4) a public website that supports FTP (or SFTP, SCP) to have the weather software upload weather data to.

You might find it useful to start with some free weather website templates -- each of the software listed above have templates available for use (free).

Hope this helps...

I would add to Ken's #4 that you can host the website on your own [Linux] server or use an Internet Service Provider. I have used both and currently use my Synology NAS to host my website.

I'll put in a plug for Ken's templates, which is what I use, and a good starting point is here:

Thanks for the kind plug :)

For folks new to webhosting and likely not aware of the security requirements to do it safely at home, I do recommend commercial hosting instead.  My background (before retirement) was internet security so I was comfortable configuring the firewall ports to allow just the bare essentials to pass to my home network, and only for a 'fresh' webcam image offered up by an Apache server on my home network.
Yes, I do run one Raspberry PI3 in the DMZ as a honeypot for reporting to SANS ISC Dshield .  My home network has multiple RPi systems for running weewx, Ubiquiti UniFi controller, Streaming NOAA Radio (WWF64), and several TL-MR3020 devices running meteobridge and a RIPE IP probe.  Fun stuff.

If you do elect to have a system on your home network be your website, be sure to really lock down the inbound ports to the bare minimum needed, and keep the software on the system up-to-date.  To do less is to invite unintended guests to mess about in your network.


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