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Any web sites that have 'future weather radar' like map views of the coming rain

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Channel 4, WCCO from Minneapolis has a graphic display for those of us anxious for rain or precip (I'd rather not see snow right now) showing a step through about every 10-20 minutes of what the anticipated radar will look like.  The run it out for about a day.  Never completely accurate, but it does give a sort of idea of about when and how strong any precip is expected to be.  I think there is an option to show accumulated rain, too.

I'm not sure how that is generated, and if that is a copyrighted term for the program or output they show.  I know some companies sell forecasts and I assume graphic stuff too.  The NWS has some plots, but those usually are at 6 hour intervals and is helpful for aviation weather consumers.

I doubt that a company has purchased last year's model Cray computer to run these, but maybe NWS has a product that they can use to plot precip locations and densities.

Half the time the meteorologists are standing in front of the map where those of us to the east live, or I'd like to replay or study things a bit, so it would be nice to find a similar display graphic on line, hopefully at little or no cost (of course).


Here you go. It's called HRRR. High Resolution Rapid Refresh.
Updates every hour and goes out to 18 hours. This is from Pivotal Weather but it's a NOAA product.

An excellent map. My wife will like that for planning mowing.

Does the bar at the top mean 5 hours out or current time minus Zulu hours.

The Weather Channel has a radar with expected activity in the next six hours. That said, I find it horribly inaccurate!


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