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Wunderground compatible Excel based analysis spreadsheets


For anyone using a weatherstation with Wunderground.
I have written a set of spreadsheets for data analysis in Excel.
Currently these allow detailed visualisation by day, month, summer, winter, year. Year on year, month on month season on season comparison etc.
I have 2+ years of data from my site ILLAND3 (using Youshiko YC9390 but this solution is generic) to illustrate capbility
You simply paste the daily stats from wunderground into the sheets (or other data sorce with a bit of manipulation) and the analysis builds itself over time
Available free currently and I will support to the best of my ability.
Email me if you're interested.

I have to to copy and paste the daily stats every day?


Great job Steve!

The each day copy and paste is somewhat of a chore but quite easy though.  For past months and years catch up, using the WU Monthly table becomes relative easy.  Just need to remove or ignore the first column before paste in the spreadsheet. 

I've decided to download all my WU data into a spreadsheet by year with month tabs.


Firefox has an extension named Table to Excel wich can be used to copy or save the Wunderground tables as CSV or XLSX

Late to the party on this topic, but never hurts to say thanks.
Steve has sent me his spreadsheets, and they look great.  Thanks for the effort and for sharing!



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