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--- Quote from: galfert on January 25, 2021, 02:15:58 PM ---Pretty obvious to me that your intent is to deceive and you have an alternative motive. You could be banned for impersonating and trying to deceive who you really are. I just haven't made up my mind yet. Why won't you tell us who you really are? Don't come here to grind your ax.

I can see from your IP address that you are in Germany yet you pretend to be in the the US. Gee I wonder who you really are?

Grow up.

--- End quote ---
Is that a free country, you can no longer write your opinion ???
Why do you erase my mind.
Are they real facts or do you get a lot of money for your work at AWEKAS.

--- Quote from: galfert ---I've now been updated on the situation...

There is no policy change at AWEKAS. It is true that different administrators employed different levels of tolerance on station data. If one or more administrators leave then it can certainly maybe affect the overall perceived management of the network, or maybe not. But the important thing remains that the controls and guidelines for current administration remains in place.
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--- End quote ---

And I'll write my opinion here again.
AWEKAS has become very bad, no good values are displayed, old values are displayed and weather stations with old values ->
or see here

Will my opinion be deleted again ???

It appears that 'Steve_Mayer' and 'harsum' are likely the same person and are posting from German IP space (as the admin parts of the forum indicate shared IP addresses for both users).

I'm not sure I understand why the 'Steve_Mayer' ID was needed when you ('harsum') had an ID from 2014 already, nor do I understand why you spoofed your location as a town in Missouri, USA.  We do expect honesty when you choose to post your location in your profile.

You can post your personal experiences with a website/company.  We ask that you keep it factual and omit any personal attacks/hostilities against others. Failure to do so can result in banning from the forum.

And to add clarity Steve_Mayer harsum which is ex-AWEKAS administrator. Seems like there are some hard feelings with whatever happened over at AWEKAS which I'm not privy to nor do I think it concerns me. Sorry about your troubles but we surely do not need to be rolled up into whatever you got going.

My work at AWEKAS as an administrator is voluntary as it is here. This is a hobby.

After discussing with Ken we agree that there is no requirement that you use your real identity, but we do expect honesty.

I thought for a long time whether I would give you an answer.
Why am I shown like this here?
OK, I didn't put my real name in here, do you guys do that?
I don't really have hometown against, I would never do that either
since there are always bad guys who take advantage of it.
What have I done to you badly?
I only wrote my opinion here about AWEKAS and an admin from AWEKAS.
I only referred to the fact that AWKAS no longer controls that closely.
I have only shown 2 examples.
It is data that EVERYONE can see.
So and now you can block me or kick me out.


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