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New DIY station setup - Davis sensors with ESP32 and Home Assistant + ceilometer

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Like all those gadgets seems a few flakey or bogus things creep about. I try to stick with better retailers if not too costly. Or find super cheap and get three lol.

Garth Bock:
Wow ! Great project ! What is the 2nd picture ?


--- Quote from: Garth Bock on December 31, 2020, 12:45:26 AM ---Wow ! Great project ! What is the 2nd picture ?

--- End quote ---

Thanks!  Do you mean the photo with the PCB/wiring?  That is basically the control board where the various sensors connect to, the small PCB is an ESP32 microcontroller which runs the ESPHome software to process the data and pass it on.

Garth Bock:
Thanks but more specifically the round rings and what appears to be lenses ?

That's a LIDAR, essentially a long range measuring device to determine cloud base height.

Neat stuff.


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