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The new NWS radar site was implemented today

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Don't know if this is the place for this but I'm sure it will be moved if it's not . From the NWS " PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! The new NWS radar site was implemented today, just in time for the "rain". Our 1990s radar pages are finally gone! Goodbye Flash, hellooooo GIS.. For more information and tips on how to use all the fancy new features, visit "

 Link direct to the new radar site is here :

  Have a great day , Michael .


They sure make it easy huh?

And, the new site has now broken two scripts that depend on images no longer produced:

Base-USA template scripts: 

USA-regional-maps.php Version 1.00 - 10-Jun-2020 now has no image for NWS regional radar composite

wxnwsradar.php (and support scripts, based on gwillkin's wxradar-hanis3.php script set) now has no images to display.

I'm working on fixes for both...

Thanks, Ken!  Meanwhile I've modified my web site to eliminate those images that are no longer available and scripts that are dead.  I could have used this animation, but the display isn't at all up to what we had before.  A truly sad state of affairs!

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to your updates!

NOAA's new weather looks terrible.   It is significantly lower resolution than what they have provided.



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