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Windows Store URL:
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14 days trial -> 0.99 USD
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Stay safe everyone, we are almost there.



Not sure if this helps, but found this....

Also check out page 31 of 52; 6.16 Weather Forecasting


--- Quote from: FW8379 on November 14, 2020, 02:08:20 PM ---Not sure if this helps, but found this....

--- End quote ---
Thanks a lot! I didn't even think about checking the manual... I erroneously presumed was a value the base station would receive from the server and not and internal calculation.
I didn't considered that the base station functions are suppose to work without an internet connection...
I'll just pull the forecast from the "Never praised enough National Weather service API" that luckily will not have to fight another 4 years of defunding and sharpie attacks.

If somebody can replicate the Ambient Weather results could be fun to have both value side by side.

Ok, start deploying the UWP (Universal Windows Platform AKA Windows Store) app.
I need beta testers to keep me motivated for the final, and more boring, refinement process.
This is the deal: the app is in the store but not public and I can add people for an "early access" to the closed beta.
So write me if you want be part of the history and Ill add you to the list.
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The app will have a 14 days trial and I'm thinking to start charging 0.99USD  instead of going for hateful Ads. I'll deploy a free a lifetime version  for the early birds and they'll obviously get the future updates (thinking about supporting multiple stations, forecast from the NOAA and  ore computer friendly "skins" ).

The app will be avaible at:
URL if your app is only visible to certain people (requires authentication)
Store ID   9P6R53XPVB77
Store protocol link   ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9P6R53XPVB77

The app is an Ambient Weather(tm) Station dashboard that access data using the APIKEY that the owner will have to provide from their account.
It mean to mimic the WS-2902C hardware (the one I actually own) because it felt like a fun idea but I'll probably do a pretty-er version.

Stay safe everybody and wish an Happy(er) and great(er) 2021.


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