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the mysterious wind gusts


A couple of months ago I finished refurbing a Davis VP2 for some friends and set it up in their yard. I've been keeping tabs on it, particularly to see how a distance of a half mile can result in different weather.

Anyway, last week I noticed that a 45mph wind gust had been reported. I dug a bit further and found a 48mph gust. There was no reality to support these readings.

So I asked my friends about it, if maybe someone was operating a leaf blower nearby or something to account for this. Ends up one of their sons waters the grass by hand in the afternoon after the sun goes behind the trees. And he thought it was pretty cool how the anemometer cups would spin when he pointed the hose at it.

I kindly asked if he could cease from doing that in the future.  :grin:

Best thing is... you got the answer to the mystery!


the beteljuice:
You do realise someone will now start a thread saying how they use their old 'anny' to measure stream / river flow  \:D/

You also might want to check the rainfall totals.


--- Quote from: Notsorusty on September 28, 2020, 04:35:18 PM ---You also might want to check the rainfall totals.

--- End quote ---

Yes, did that. Luckily the anny is mounted 180 from the rain collector so it didn't seem to mess that up.


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